The Smartphone has become an omnipresent part of modern living with almost of Australia’s population now using the device for Internet browsing. As a result, it has become vital for companies to design a tactical yet highly functional mobile website for Smartphone users.

According to research released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, Smartphone and tablet activity soared by 104 per cent over a 12 month period to May, 2012, with 9.2 million Australians accessing the Internet via their mobile phones and 4.4 million via their tablets. And over 4.45 million Smartphone users alone downloaded an app in the month of June.

With mobile marketing set to open up a whole new world of commercial opportunities over the next 24 months, this is where we can help businesses move forward in the mobile IT revolution.

Web Renovation can provide you with a seamless, mobile website solution that not only suits your business objectives but also appeals to the multitude of Smartphone and tablet users navigating your website.

  • Web development for the iPhone and iPad: You can enhance your company’s profit margins when you cater to audiences using iPhones, iPads (and Apple computers). By creating a website that’s fully-compatible for browsing on an Apple screen, you will be able to reach out to a wider range of lead-generation and targeted Apple-user contingent.
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  • Your web development team should be well-versed in creating and developing websites tailored to suit the needs of Apple users in order for you to break into this particular mobile phone market. To be true, your mobile phone app and web design developers should be reliable when it comes to working with multiple iPhone SDK platforms and the iPhone OS in order to provide quality mobile web products and services.
  • Web Development for the Blackberry: As one of the pioneers of mobile web browsing, email, and multimedia services, it’s only natural for you to concentrate on accommodating the Blackberry user demographic as well. Users of all ages use Blackberry phones, so it’s only natural for your company to develop websites that are easily viewable and navigable through Blackberry screens.To be more specific, a service that deals with the details of making your website compatible to all makes and models of the Blackberry brand is exactly what you need to meet your Internet-marketing-related requirements. It’d be a shame for you to not end up with a website that’s accessible via a Blackberry, especially in light of the fact that the Blackberry is one of the vanguards of smartphone Internet browsing.
  • Web Development for Android Phones: Just as websites should be available to all of the major web browsers out there… from Chrome to Firefox… the same could be said when it comes to mobile website design. The Android operating system has a large user base because it’s employed by a multitude of phone brands as an intuitive touchscreen-based interface.If you want to break into this particular market too, then you should know what it takes to create a site designed for use in one of the leading mobile website development platforms around. Your site should be as intuitive, usable, and functional as the Android OS itself. Your web developer should be knowledgeable when it comes to using Google’s Android OS as a major website platform.

Web Renovation has a team of seasoned mobile web developers and programmers in order to come up with a decent website that’s universally compatible with all the major phone brands and mobile operating systems in the market. Indeed, creating an intuitive, dynamic, and cutting-edge mobile website is one of the best methods you have in addressing all your mobile Internet marketing requirements.