Web Renovation does support services for website maintenance. Our clients feel at ease dealing with us. We provide state of the art servers with constant back ups done on the hour should there be any need due to human error on our clients part to have a site reverted back to ensure no site is ever lost, or we can have any issues undone. Our services are not costly so people need not have to worry budget wise. Web Renovation makes sure that our team provides the best possible solution there is for our clients.


We have been in the business for 8 years and are very familiar with the needs of most of their clients. It is because of this experience, we were able to master our services and make innovations to further improve our service quality. Web Renovation have answers to many business issues, from the simplest up to the most complicated ones. Below are some of the advantages bought by Web Renovation:

  • Quick changes to enable go to market faster than you may have thought possible.
  • Ongoing support including site changes and updates at little to no cost ongoing.
  • Photo shopping and site editing.
  • Inclusion of updates such as new features that may be requested from one site, but can be re used on other partners sites.

With Web Renovation, things would turn out less complicated and manageable. We have turned unmanageable sites with 1000 products around to be fully maintained with simple Content Management System and training within days. This is something we pride ourselves on.